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Choral Works

A Place To Dream


This beautiful song originally comes from a musical duet between a father and his daughter - both struggling to cope emotionally with hard times, they lift each other's spirits by singing of their future dreams that one day might come true.

Written for all dreamers (this composer especially!) who sometimes need reminding that dreams can take time to come true!

SA, for senior Primary/Secondary choirs

The Damper Thief!


Written in memory of the camp damper that never was (someone forgot to bring the ingredients...), this is a fun song for students and teacher/conductor alike. Unison or 2-part versions are provided for choirs of any level!

So... who is your school's Damper Thief?

Includes license for 3 scores plus all vocal sheets.

Do We Have To Have Holidays?


It's just not right...

We shouldn't be forced to spend so long at home, away from school! But... 
Is that the whole story??

Written for either a unison (S1) or 2-part (S1+S2) choir, this is a song of truth (and fun!) for all those forced to endure those weeks of punishment...

Ode to My Toaster


My friend and enemy... I'm sure you know what I mean... If you've ever got it wrong, this song is for you! Optional 2-part singing (with plenty of "Blurgh!" vocals) gives the intermediate choir an opportunity to voice their frustrations...

Includes license for 3 scores plus all vocal sheets.

Shut the Gate!

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond that sign on the fence? Not just the barking dog!

Written for intermediate SA voices (also performable in unison), this work will be sure to entertain audiences!

Waking Up Jacques


The real story of our favourite Brother John is revealed in this choral piece!

Written for SSA advanced choir, with simplified unison or 2-part on request.

Includes license for 3 scores plus all vocal sheets.

We're Playing Footy!


This is the perfect performance piece for the junior choir that just won't stand still - with plenty of opportunities for acting parts, and simple, engaging lyrics which tell what SHOULD happen when the class bell rings...

Includes license for 3 scores plus all vocal sheets.

Can You Hear the Children Marching


Now part of the Australian National Arts Curriculum!

Performed by over 400 schools from every state of Australia, and featured on Channel 7 ANZAC Day coverage, this ANZAC Day song is written for children, to be sung by children... 

"To keep the flame eternal burning brightly for us all..."

Special license: unlimited for one institution only. Includes all sheet music, mp3's, plus lyric videos.

On The Hill


From the pen of Arthur James Russell Davison, soldier through World War I, the lyrics of this song give insight into the experiences and emotions of one who fought and survived in Gallipoli and other campaigns.

With only a few additional lines added, I am proud and humbled to make this song available for choirs (suits unison, 2 or 3 parts) to continue the legacy of remembering our ANZAC heroes.

Includes license for 3 scores plus all vocal sheets. Includes all sheet music, mp3's, plus video.

Our Heroes Today


This new ANZAC song gives tribute to all ANZAC soldiers - past and present.

While initially written for an intermediate Primary school choir, the song will find a place in the repertoire of any choir, with both unison and simple 2 or 3-part scores included (other arrangements available by request). Thank you for joining with me to honour all generations of Australian and New Zealand soldiers:

"To the mothers and fathers, and sons and daughters ,
Who still are serving at home, or over the waters:
For your perseverance and safety we pray;
So thank you for being our heroes today."

Have You Ever? (Book Week 2020!)


Have You Ever...

...gone to a world where anything is possible, where anything can happen? If you've opened a book, you know what I mean - I'm sure!

Celebrating this year's CBCA theme (Curious Creature, Wild Minds), this song is a reminder that we can find inspiration, information and imagination, just by opening a book!

As always, the Book Week song pack comes with:

Sample vocal track
Backing tracks (arranged, with piano-only)
Practice track (with melody lines)
All Lyric, Lead Sheet and Piano PDF's

(Vocal and Backing Lyric Videos will be uploaded to Facebook and Youtube)

Enjoy, and sharethis song with other students and teachers who are curious creatures!!

I've Got A Secret... Book Week 2019


I've got a secret... (that I'll tell you right now...)

This year's upbeat song is ready for enthusiastic singers and superhero actions!

Celebrate this year's theme (Reading is my Secret Power!) by sharing this song with your school, then flying into a good book!

Connect With a Book! (Book Week 2014)


The experience of reading a great book should be shared with a great friend! This (2014) 'Book Week' themed song encourages action/movement sequences for choirs or class groups to create, while learning why it's so fun to read (and sing!) together...

As well as the 'usual' contents, this kit comes with a choice between illustrated lyrics for junior groups, and 'plain' lyrics for older participants. Whichever you choose, enjoy singing together!

I Left My Book at Home (Book Week 2013)


What's this item The (still!) very popular Book Week song from 2013 continues to delight and engage choirs and audiences!

Warning: Chorus is very addictive - once students start singing it, they won't be able to stop! 

Story Country (Share Your Story) (Book Week 2016)


Are you ready? This year, we are truly celebrating sharing 'stories' across the country - by celebrating across your choir or assembly! Includes all usual sheet music, mp3's, plus lyric videos for school assemblies!

What does a 'Body Percussion Canon' look like? Get ready to CLAP, SLAP and STOMP your way through this very engaging song! (Djembes and other percussive instruments welcome!)

(Oh, and you also have to sing! Easy call-and-echo phrases with optional 2-part chorus makes this achievable with anygroup...)

Special license: unlimited for one institution only.

The Challenge to Read (Book Week 2012)


Although written for the 2012 Book Week theme, the musical style and engaging lyrics make it a favourite with students for any performance occasion! 

For unison choir. (2-part upon request)

Turn a Light On (Book Week 2015)


Books do not light up the world... unless you take them off the shelf and read them to someone else!

This kit (from the 2015 theme) includes everything needed for your classroom, choir, or whole school/organisation celebration - Enjoy!

(For high-res video - approx 100Mb - please contact me on for downloadable link)

Where Could It Be? (Book Week 2017)


Are you ready for another adventure?

Escape (with my book...) in this 2017 Book Week song, filled with all of the drama and creativity that your Primary/Elementary Music classroom or choir can handle!

Students (and Teachers!) are actually encouraged to make up or change the verse lyrics - What is the most adventurous rhyming couplet you can think of? I'd love to hear them in the comments/reviews!

(Simple 2-part)

Now... Get Lost!!

Find Your Treasure! (Book Week 2018)


This year... Are you ready for the ultimate treasure??

It may not be what you think - and this song may not be for the faint of heart!

Celebrate Book Week (or any other Choral occasion!) by telling not one, or two, but three tales of epic treasure hunts through this song! Your school choir and community will be impressed (and educated!) by this musical mystery...

As always, the Book Week song pack comes with:

Sample vocal track
Backing track (arranged/piano only)
Practice track (with melody lines)
All Lyric and Music PDF's
Backing Lyric Video (Vocal Lyric Video can be found on Facebook, Youtube and this website!)

Enjoy! Yarrrrrgghhh!!!

All I Want Is...


Optional solo

The perfect gift for choirs this Christmas season! This song gives your choir members a lesson in how to ask for that special Christmas present!


Days of Gold: 2018 Commonwealth Games Song!


Chosen as the official song for Commonwealth Games mascot "Borobi", this arrangement of the popular song by Busby Marou has been written with piano accompaniment to get your unison or 2-part (SA) choir energised! 


Whether you are celebrating the Commonwealth Games, student graduation or simply want an uplifting song for your next performance, "Days of Gold" is sure to be a winner!

As always, one license per school or institution...

Please email  for performance details

(All royalties go to the amazing Busby Marou!)

My Father's Day List


We really do mean well, Dad! This song will remind Dads to cherish their children, and remind children to... try not getting into too much trouble!

Pack includes the song lyrics as a poem for students to give to their Dads...

Tell Me a Story


The Rocking Chair is a metaphor for an elder sitting and reflecting on a life well-lived - the good and the bad; the challenges and triumphs; the lessons learnt.

This choral piece encourages young people to engage with their elders by asking questions about life, and to learn from their experiences. It is perfect for occasions such as Grandparents' Day or community events. Unison or 2-part (SA).

Includes license for 3 scores plus all vocal sheets.

The Road


Are you looking for a new, upbeat song for your Graduation events?

"The Road" is a one or simple two-part that students want to sing, and features either a one or simple two-part 'rock 'n roll' version, or 'choral 2-part' piece.

Feel free to 'personalise' by adding your own 'echo' lines, or if you would like a different instrumentation or key, please request at


An Irish Blessing

Perfect for an end of year or farewell song, "An Irish Blessing" is a collation of many Irish proverbs, set to an original tune.

Choose how you will perform it - unison, or 2/3 part 'partner-harmony' style... Either will give your choir a great enunciation workout!

Please enjoy...

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The Damper Thief - Nathan Cahill
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Ode to My Toaster - Nathan Cahill
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Waking Up Jacques - Nathan Cahill
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Story Country: Share Your Story - Nathan Cahill
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Can You Hear the Children Marching - Nathan Cahill
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On the Hill - Nathan Cahill
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Tell Me a Story - Nathan Cahill
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Shut the Gate! - Nathan Cahill
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Days of Gold Backing - Busby Marou
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Book Week

Check out Busby Marou's

original track too!

Special Event songs
We're Playing Footy! - Nathan Cahill
00:00 / 00:00
Do We Have To Have Holidays - Nathan Cahill
00:00 / 00:00
Our Heroes Today - Nathan Cahill
00:00 / 00:00
The Challenge to Read - Nathan Cahill
00:00 / 00:00
Turn Your Light On - Nathan Cahill
00:00 / 00:00
Where Could It Be? - Nathan Cahill
00:00 / 00:00
All I Want Is... - Nathan Cahill
00:00 / 00:00
My Father's Day List - Nathan Cahill
00:00 / 00:00
The Road - Nathan Cahill
00:00 / 00:00
Find Your Treasure! - Nathan Cahill
00:00 / 00:00
A Place to Dream - Nathan Cahill
00:00 / 00:00
Book Week 2019 - Nathan Cahill
00:00 / 00:00
An Irish Blessing - arr. Nathan Cahill
00:00 / 00:00
Have You Ever? Book Week 2020 - Nathan Cahill
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