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Special  Events 



For as many special occasions as occur throughout the school year, there is a special song for each...

More songs can be found in the 'Choral Works' page.

All can be purchased in the Music Store.

Songs for every occasion:

Across Australia, Nathan's songs are becoming a staple in many schools' choral or whole-school event programming. From his growing repertoire of songs for commonly celebrated occasions, to commissions for urgent school functions or productions, the Special Event song kits come complete for any setting - often including...

  • Lyric and Lead Sheets

  • Lyric powerpoints and/or lyric videos

  • Piano scores (where possible)

  • Backing and Practice tracks

  • Ongoing support - e.g. tempo, instrumentation, file type changes, etc.

"Can You Hear The Children Marching"

ANZAC Anthem

"The Finish Line"

Olympics Theme

"Turn A Light On"

2015 Book Week Song

Previous Book Week theme songs (previews)

"Challenge to Read

Book Week 2012

"I Left My Book At Home"

Book Week 2013

"Connect With A Book"

Book Week 2014

More Special Event theme songs

"My Father's Day List"

Father's Day

"The Road"

Graduation Song

"All I Want Is..."


"On The Hill":  A digger's words...

On The Hill - Nathan Cahill

This song gives a glimpse of a soldier's life from a battlefield that has been etched into Australia's history, culture and legacy.


The Song Kit includes:
Vocal mp3
Backing mp3
Lyric sheet
Unison vocals sheet music
2/3-part vocals sheet music
Piano/Vocals sheet music
Piano sheet music


Please visit the Music Store for purchasing.

For more information about the letters on which "On The Hill" is based (and to buy the book), please visit:

Has your school community been talking about creating its own School Song?

Do you need a Choral piece, Concert Band, String Orchestra, Ukulele or Guitar ensemble piece written? 

Let's discuss your ideas! Nathan's commissions can include:

  • School visit for brainstorming and workshopping with students and staff

  • Regular communication and draft sharing

  • Digital resources (as for Special Event songs above)

  • Various instrumentions to suit your school's Music department: i.e. Concert Band/Orchestra/Choral/other arrangements 


Here's a sample of a school 'flexi-band' arrangement:



Simply send an enquiry through the "Contact & FAQ" page to initiate the next great project for your school!

Striving to Excel - Nathan Cahill
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