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GCEA + 1 Pack V.2

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By popular demand, here are now 17 songs for your ukulele program!

And... they only use "GCEA" strings plus 1 finger! (and more B, D, F, C' - other "1 finger" songs are also available in the Hot Cross Fun Variations in the 2+ Pack, for example...)


GCEA Song Pack:
Green G
Croc C
Eating E
Ants A (with ant cut-out master)
Green Crocs
My Ant Has Fleas
Crocs are Coming
Green Crocs Eat Ants
Yum, Yum, Yum
My Thumb Fell Off
Crocs Are Deadly
Railway Workers
The Travel Bug ** New in Version 2!
Her Mr/Mrs Teacher
Seven Steps ** New in Version 2!

Plus... printable mini-posters for each finger used...
Plus... a "Reading TAB" page...

And... Keep posted for more additions!

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