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Regional Workshop: Perth!

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"Hello holidays, Hello 2017!"
Sunday, Oct 16, 9am - 1:30pm, Rossmoyne Primary School
{Includes morning tea}

What a weekend! Great to be coming - there's always something new in the air, something to look forward to... Perhaps some fresh ideas to get you to the holidays, or to start your planning next year!

Here's the plan for the day (so far!) - I'm sure you'll find plenty of inspiration! [The full outline is also available from the homepage]

...Choral Music songs to inspire, include and engage students - no matter the time of year...

...Fresh, original games and resources for Pentatonic and Blues styles from Junior to Senior levels - featuring original curriculum ideas from Kristie Cote-Perren!

...What's new in the “Green Crocs Eat Ants” Ukulele pedagogy (it works so well on other instruments as well!)...

It'll be great to see you there! Email info@nathancahillmusic,com with any queries...

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